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Learn the basics of Tableau Desktop in just one day!


Tableau Elementary Seminar

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After the intensive elementary seminar, you will be able to use Tableau Desktop productively and efficiently in your company. To ensure practical relevance, all topics are taught with the help of practical exercises. All seminars are conducted by us on site.


1 day (9 am to 5 pm)


On site in Bern or Online (hybrid)
basis06 AG, Schwarztorstrasse 31, 3007 Bern


CHF 860.–
(private training on request)


Groups of 2 to max. 8 participants


Windows/Mac basic knowledge

Implementation guarantee
Already from 2 participants onwards

Target audience

This seminar is aimed at all people who work with data – regardless of technical or analytical skills!

Certificate of attendance

Issued by basis06 AG


German (English is also possible for private training)


Simon Leuenberger, BI Solution Engineer


To understand and apply the key techniques in Tableau. By the end of the day you will be able to import data into Tableau, create visualisations and combine them on interactive dashboards.

Seminar content
  • Introduction: What is Tableau Desktop? What can Tableau do for you and your organisation?
  • Preparing data: importing, sorting and organising data sets.
  • Creating visualisations: Line, bar, pie, area, tree, histo, scatter and combination charts (with dual axes), crosstabs, highlight tables, heatmaps and maps
  • Create calculations in Tableau
  • Set parameters
  • Create interactive and meaningful dashboards
  • Next dates: Tableau Elementary Seminar
  • There are a limited number of seminar places available.

Next dates: Tableau Elementary Seminar

There are a limited number of seminar places available.

Below you will find a list of all available Tableau Elementary seminars. If the date does not suit you, we can arrange private Tableau Live Streamings for 2 or more people. –>Private training on request

Currently: Seminars on request

From February 2022
Tableau Elementary Seminar, German

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