Lean and powerful digital solutions

Big data management & data warehousing

If your data is distributed in different sources, we collect it and make it available in a structured way in a central pool or help you to explore even more interfaces. Our ETL tool Pentaho data integration of Hitachi Vantara has interfaces to all common systems. The graphical modelling allows a flexible, simple data management all without programming.

Business intelligence & business analytics

Today interactive and visual data analyses are an indispensable tool for all decision-makers. With our Tableau solution you can evaluate your data in a playful but powerful way and create your own reports and dashboards. They show you correlations, trends and provide new insights into your business.

Business optimization, additional business transactions or more effective solutions to customer inquiries can only be achieved if correlations and influences are made visible. In the area of business analytics we combine the competencies of classic business intelligence and big data analytics.

Research & text analysis

80% of the data today is unstructured (e.g. documents, websites, multimedia). Using specific tools, we can process data smarter from any source and make it available for research, analysis and exchange.

360° data view

All structured and unstructured data at a glance – this is the dream of every decision maker or data analyst. With the combination of our professional skills and tools, we are able to link all sources together and provide the user with a 360° view of the relevant data.

Have you ever asked yourself how much information is currently generated and unused in your company?

Consulting, implementation and integration from a single source

The challenge is often to find the balance between agile analysis, trustworthy data and inexpensive solutions. basis06 is official Swiss partner of Tableau-Software and Pentaho data integration of Hitachi Vantara.

In addition, we have developed specific methods and supporting tools for Swiss companies. Which will help you to realize your projects successfully and efficiently right from the start.

The approach is agile, so that your solution can be extended at any time or easily adapted to new conditions. True to the «think big – start small» approach. Of course, we can also support you first-hand in the operation of your solution.

Digital consulting

Digitization is one of the major challenges that all companies are currently facing in the coming years. We support you if you have difficulties finding your digital strategy or processes. With our well-founded business know-how we can provide a technological understanding, also we have a broad knowledge of the market and products.


Tableau Partner

Pentaho Partner