41 cities new in POLITmonitor!

The POLITmonitor focuses on the observation of all Swiss cantonal and federal affairs. Since the end of November, you can also get a systematic overview of political events in 41 cities, including Aarau, Chur, Bern, Fribourg, Geneva, Lausanne, Lugano, Lucerne, Neuchâtel, St. Gallen, Thun, Winterthur, Zug, Zurich and many more! We are constantly expanding this service – politics in the cities is going digital! We structure information, you have time to analyse it.

Anyone who wants to exert political influence and maintain an overview today uses important tools. POLITmonitor is one of them. For over ten years, we have been collecting all the important information on cantonal and federal affairs in our online database. We are now integrating political developments in the cities – stay on the ball and keep an eye on the key issues, trends and discussions at this level too. With POLITmonitor, you can reduce the amount of information to the essentials and professionalise your political work.

I want to know what health-related business was submitted in the city of Bern in the last session: My search results in a list of the latest business from the Bern City Council. From now on, I will be informed about the further progress of this business.

Every canton and every city operates different data systems and platforms with information on political developments and initiatives. A lot of time is quickly lost trying to find your way around. Carrying out targeted research requires a great deal of knowledge. POLITmonitor gives you a systematic overview across all three levels of government. Political events are mapped quickly and reliably with appealing reports and numerous lists. With targeted search queries, you can obtain the key information you need with just a few clicks. Whether on specific topics, selected transactions, governments or parliamentarians’ vested interests, this professional monitoring tool keeps you up to date at all times.

Don’t be surprised by developments, help shape politics in the cities too!

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Overview of all cities that are part of the POLITmonitor

Status: 5 December 2023

Einwohnerrat Aarau, Einwohnerrat Wettingen, Einwohnerrat Zofingen, Einwohnerrat Herisau, Stadtrat Langenthal, Stadtrat Bern, Stadtrat Thun, Einwohnerrat Liestal, Einwohnerrat Pratteln, Conseil général de la Ville de Fribourg, Conseil municipal de la Ville de Genève, Gemeinderat Chur, Einwohnerrat Emmen, Einwohnerrat Horw, Einwohnerrat Kriens, Grosser Stadtrat Luzern, Conseil général de la Ville de Neuchâtel, Stadtparlament St. Gallen, Stadtparlament Wil, Stadtparlament Gossau, Einwohnerrat Neuhausen, Grosser Stadtrat Schaffhausen, Gemeindeparlament Olten, Gemeinderat Frauenfeld, Gemeinderat Kreuzlingen, Consiglio comunale Bellinzona, Consiglio comunale Locarno, Consiglio comunale Lugano, Consiglio comunale Mendrisio, Conseil communal Lausanne, Grosse Gemeinderat Zug, Gemeinderat Kloten, Gemeinderat Opfikon, Parlament Wetzikon, Grosser Gemeinderat Adliswil, Gemeinderat Dübendorf, Gemeinderat Uster, Stadtparlament Winterthur, Gemeinderat Dietikon, Gemeindeparlament Schlieren, Gemeinderat Stadt Zürich und Gemeinderat Wädenswil