«Data Science» with Tableau 2021.1

The time has finally come: Tableau launches the latest software version Tableau 2021.1 with exciting integrations from the data science area with Einstein Discovery and features for improved usability! Below you will find the highlights of Tableau 2021.1 described in more detail:
    • Einstein Discovery: In 2020, Tableau already introduced its first exciting predictive features – Tableau 2021.1, however, goes one big step further in the direction of Data Science. Tableau users now have the ability to create powerful predictions and recommendations to make smarter decisions even faster thanks to Einstein Discovery. Thanks to the integration of Salesforce’s machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, AI-powered analytics can be performed. With Tableau 2021.1, the AI functionalities can still be operated as a self-service, without the prerequisite of any programming knowledge. Watch the video “Introducing Einstein Discovery in Tableau” now to get to know Einstein Discovery better.


  • Faster LODs: Also new in Tableau 2021.1 are optimised LODs (Level-of-Detail calculations). This means that complex LOD calculations in the workflow can now be generated more easily using drag-and-drop. LODs are thus easier to learn for new users and save experienced users a lot of effort.
  • Unified notification experience: The notification system of Tableau Server and Tableau Online now provides a complete overview of all important changes. One of many feautres that simplifies usability. Check out all the new features in Tableau 2021.1 here.

We are excited about the new features and especially the Data Science Einstein Discovery in Tableau 2021.1 and look forward to interesting projects with our customers.

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