POLITmonitor Now Online

Systematic monitoring and handling of political matters, thanks to the latest technology applied by basis 06, these matters are now improved, automated and simplified. This applies to federal and cantonal politics. We may present our newest product in the e-government area: The POLITmonitor!

Confederation and cantons always at a glance

POLITmonitor is an online database of political business, thanks to this product relevant political matters don’t get forgotten anymore. The POLITmonitor accompanies each operation through the entire political process and prepares the information tailor-made for its users. Like that you know what’s going on federal and cantonal level, easy and at all times. Whether interpellation, simple enquiries or commissionmotions, popular initiatives or transactions by federal or government councils: POLITmonitor keeps you informed about the current state of affairs, draws your attention to important dates and we won’t let you miss anything.

For all those who need to know what’s going on

POLITmonitor is designed for anyone who is or should be in professional contact with political issues. Whether they are public affaires managers, managing directors of NGOs, state actors or national managing entities of the confederation, cantons or municipalities. This product can also be used for political leaders of large organizations with cantonal structures. Users of POLITmonitor have direct web access to the database. They determine how many people within the organisation receive access and define the corresponding authorizations.

The topics are determined by the clients themselves. The POLITmonitor provides data, analyses and dates. Access to this tailor-made information is guaranteed at all times via direct online access. Notifications can be set up for important transactions as well as personal information, comments and appointments.

Political experience meets technical expertise

POLITmonitor is based on three different partners: the political consulting office Polsan, the Swiss Association of Municipalities and basis06. Polsan has the responsibility over the political consultation, the Swiss Association of the Municipalities for content and political expertise and basis06 for the technical implementation. Years of experience in monitoring and communication of politics is combined in one software package POLITmonitor. The strong partnership ensures that simple, practical and tailor-made solutions are developed for the observation, which are convincing in daily use and satisfy the highest technical demands.